There are no guarantees in this life, but at an auction

Many of the seasoned art professionals are worried, or at least cautious, about the growing popularity of auction guarantees. What are the guarantees at auction, how are they different from an irrevocable bid or a reserve price and who wins from the opportunities offered by guarantees - all these questions are answered in the article below.

Daniel Scheiblich Rodrigues on Protection of Cultural Heritage in Brazil

Brazil has very long and capturing history. Even though some of its' cultural heritage-related professions' regulations are as young as 2018, the insight into the structure and rules of this culture-rich country is very useful. had an honour to talk to Mr.Daniel Scheiblich Rodrigues, Sao Paulo State Government’s current advisor to the Department of Municipal Affairs, former chief cabinet officer at the Department of Cultural Affairs and former manager of the Tax Incentive Cultural Program.

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