Blurred lines of creation: Can copyright laws ever catch up with the new world where AI created art gets auctioned at Christie’s?

We live in time of dynamic change. The human race has invented the trains without drivers, virtual keyboards, artificial pancreas and robot vacuum cleaners. Most of these inventions we take for granted, while others come as a surprise. The one that has changed our perception of art, creativity and mastery is the introduction of AI (Artificial Intelligence) created work of art and its further sale at Christie's. Here is a short review of the AI sprouting in the art market and some legal issues arising thereof*

Restrictions on freedom of expression in art: Germany, the US and Norway

This is a noteworthy student's research which examines artistic expression and existing restrictions on its freedom by comparing the different regulations, laws and cases in the US ( as the country with the predominant amount of free speech cases in the courts), Norway (as the first ranking state in the press freedom index of “Reporters without Borders”) and Germany (as the Member state of the EU, which is considered relatively free or free).

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