The new research on victims of heritage crimes has recently been published in the Open Archaeology

The founder of has co-authored the research called "Victims of Heritage Crimes: Aspects of Legal and Socio-Economic Justice”, which has recently been published by Q1 journal Open Archaeology. The full article is available at: 

The topic of suffered parties in heritage crimes is underresearched and the article is thought to add to the discussion on the interests of stakeholders, suffered from damage and destruction of heritage sites, as well as on the legal constraints currently existing in recognizing broad individual and collective victims in the criminal proceedings. The article offers the correlation framework between the types of parties victimized by damage to/destruction of heritage site, the nature of harm suffered by every victimized individual or group as well as the most appropriate type of remedy corresponding to the harmed interest.



Photo on preview: Image by Jessica Crawford from Pixabay

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