Interview with Malo Girod de l'Ain, co-founder and president of MonArt

In a few weeks MonArt is launching its' minimum viable product (MVP). Among different artistic experiences it is going to present artists' 3D virtual exhibitions to inspire the users to create their own amazing artworks, Augmented Reality to help to discover how a particular artwork fits into user's home or office, an Artificial Intelligence creation tool to allow artists to draw amazing artistic portraits from a still picture, and much more. More

Interview with Ms.Anaida Schneider, Founder and CEO of TILCOIN

Modern technologies allow for the art market to become accessible not only to UHNWI, but to the general people as well. Introduction of blockchain made fractionate investment possible and this is how each of us can own the part of a valuable piece with full guarantees of authenticity. is having a talk with Ms.Anaida Schneider, the founder and CEO of the TILCOIN project. More

Interview with Mr.Dmitrii Slabodchikov, founder and CEO of the COART Platform

Globalization of the art market and introduction of blockchain capabilities encouraged art and technology to merge together. High-tech innovative projects become natural solutions for disrupting the conventional pattern of the art market: opacity, lack of confidence and high transaction costs. We are addressing the issues of raising transparency and trust, as well as talking globally about the opportunities of the modern market with Mr.Dmitrii Slabodchikov, founder and CEO of the COART platform. More

Screens are the new walls

This article is engaging with questions of digital provenance and copyright, a question of credibility and the authenticity of a digital image. It also touches upon several digital platforms, including blockchain-based, to introduce the trends in the current art market* More

Technology sprouting in the art market

Applying blockchain for the art market, Deloitte Luxembourg has developed the proof of concept ArtTractive, a technological alternative to the paper trail that normally proves the provenance and movements of an artwork. The article explores the meaning and functionality the blockchain is providing and discusses the potential of ArtTractive to solve major issues of art industry linked to traceability* More

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