In a few weeks MonArt is launching its' minimum viable product (MVP). Among different artistic experiences it is going to present artists' 3D virtual exhibitions to inspire the users to create their own amazing artworks, Augmented Reality to help to discover how a particular artwork fits into user's home or office, an Artificial Intelligence creation tool to allow artists to draw amazing artistic portraits from a still picture, and much more.

Just in the run-up to the launching, has talked to Malo Girod de l'Ain, co-founder and president of MonArt (

- monart is described as an art community and a marketplace. What is behind each of them?
monart reinvents the art experience to provide innovative art discovery for the art community at large, artists, art lovers, collectors and more. At the same time, monart provides creative business models on the marketplace to allow people not only to buy or sell artworks but also shares of artworks and shares of collection of artworks.

What is your main audience?
- Even before launching the online site, we have 50.000 followers on our social networks eagerly waiting for its launch in a few weeks. The audience will be a mix of artists, art lovers and collectors, art pros and art & tech enthusiasts.

What are the main solutions monart provide to artists and collectors?
- monart provides artists with large international promotion both online, offline and with new art experience to show their creations combining a mix of Virtual Reality exhibitions, Augmented Reality, 3D tour of their artists’ studios and more. For collectors and art lovers, monart provides access to this innovative art experience and also creative business models to participate to the art market through purchase of shares of artworks or of art collections.

- Out of the so many opportunities monart is providing, which are already active/available?
- The MVP, our beta test site, opens in a few weeks, by invitation only at the beginning to check and enhance the art experiences, and then open to the general public.

- What marks monart out of the already existing or announced art-related blockchain projects?
- Many existing or announced art projects are B2B projects providing services to galleries, museums, etc, to secure their artworks on the Blockchain. monart is very different as it opens a large international art community and marketplace.

- Please, describe the art channel you are launching.
- monart  is aggregating the artists videos, interview, studio visits to create an art channel.

- Does monart have its own exhibition place and owned artworks?
- Yes, monart already runs a very large art space in Beijing (more than 2.000 m2) and will open art spaces in Paris and New York to start with.

- Does monart offer fractional investment? If yes, how is it done?   
- monart allows purchase of shares of artworks and shares of art collections through dedicated DApp (decentralized application), which work as decentralized Ethereum Blockchain based smart contracts.

- Who and how insures necessary transaction accompanying services such as shipping, insurance, etc.? Are these services outsourced?
- monart is putting in place a comprehensive insurance policy for all our services, storage, shipping, exhibitions and more. Some of the services are provided directly by monart, some are outsourced to renowned partners like for international shipping.

- Do you provide valuation, authenticity services or is it arranged directly between the transaction participants?
- When monart represent an artist or a gallery, monart provides the authenticity services. When a transaction is done directly on the site, monart can provide the authentication as an additional service.

- How do you attract the new and promising artists?
- monart's offer of large free international promotion, online and offline, with sales on the 3 main art continents, North America, Europe and Asia is so outstanding that most of those promising artists are really interested.

- Do you work only with the living artists?
- At this stage, yes, monart only works with living artists to optimize with them the art experience. After having enhanced this, monart will open the platform to other artists and other forms of art beyond contemporary art.

- Do you plan to list your token on crypto-exchange or do they serve as security tokens only, or both?
- In 2019, many exchanges will start to list security tokens and monart plans to list its token on some of them.

- What are your plans for the nearest future?
- Our first objective is the success of our current private sale of our tokens, followed by the public sale and the release of the MVP.

- What are your main competitors?
- Our current competitors are more physical galleries than online ones but we plan to partner with them and include them in our large international art ecosystem.

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