Art&Brand collaboration with Katie Kennedy Perez, Founder and Soul of ArtFlow Agency

Art and businesses have much in common. In many cases they share the same key cultural values such as creativity, prestige, timelessness, innovation and heritage. This affords ground for fruitful collaboration. had great opportunity to talk to Katie Kennedy Perez, a founder and a soul of ArtFlow Agency, which brings art world expertise and knowledge to brands and companies seeking to become culturally engaged. More

Interview with Art Advisors from Switzerland and Latvia

It is extremely rare that a collector immediately becomes an art world insider. Passion comes first, and then in due course it is followed by the necessary knowledge, experience, and originality in taste. The initial drive is frequently based in an interest in art as an asset class, and later, it frequently either grows into a life-long practice or simply ends. For both, the collector-to-be and the seasoned collector whose collection needs to be managed and looked after, the role of an art advisor is indispensable. is honoured to talk to two art professionals with rewarding careers in different parts of the world: Ms. Zane Grants-Wolff from Switzerland and Ms. Anda Kļaviņa from Latvia. More

Interview with an art adviser Maya Mikelsone from France

Globalisation, new technologies, online sales and general increase in accessibility of art, all this gave an impetus for art collecting to be on the rise. The rising ability and willingness to buy art stimulates the demand for knowledgeable experts, who can help throughout the process. The art adviser should have a multitude of skills: those of a connoisseur, a businessman, a psychologist... and even more than that. had an interesting talk with Ms.Maya Mikelsone, a professional art adviser living in France, about her experience, learning curve, general vision and peculiarities of French and foreign art buyers. More

Building bridges between Art, Law and Wealth

Even if art is mainly considered a part of ones integral wealth and long-term inheritance, more and more investors start perceiving it as a real financial asset. Please find below the opinion of the Head of Private Banking at Swedbank Latvija on the current trends in the art market and luxury investment sector* More

The art market is increasing in transparency

This is an interview of Ms.Una Meistere, the director of, with Adriano Picinati di Torcello, a director within the advisory and consulting department at Deloitte Luxembourg, about the trends in the art market, whether art objects can be considered as pure investments and what are the new existing solutions. The interview is originally published at, * More

Art as an Asset

The Article explores the characteristics of art if regarded as an asset class. While being volatile, illiquid and opaque, art nevertheless serves as a useful function in a diversified portfolio. Moreover, it offers unique values and inspire passion as no other investments do* More

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