Beeple: the dawn of the insaNFTy

Here is the description not of a legal, but a "life" case of how one artist attracted general public’s attention to NFT topic, started extensive conversations around it and essentially paved the way for many digital artists using this tool. More

Joshua Bell, Banksy, Diesel...Can we recognize the talent in an unexpected context?

This short essay is meant for a thought and discussion. While we are so advanced and smart, aren't we so blinkered to not recognize the talent of a master or the quality of the goods if the performance is extracted from its usual context? Aren't we missing something in this transience of life? Here are three examples of us, people, not picking up the chance to enjoy something really valuable, because it was unusually placed* More

Business of Koons

Here is an opinion on the personal brand of Jeff Koons, until quite recently the most expensive living artist of our times. We place this item in the "cases" section, since each of Koons' works is the case - intriguing, extraordinary, sometimes civil. They say, good business is the best art. Koons bases his astonishing business on the art of ideas. Read more in the opinion of Maria Boicova-Wynants More

A brief insight into the Rybolovlev-Bouvier “legal thriller”

Very sophisticated scam based on the alleged trust and many-many millions of dollars. Here is the overview of the range of lawsuits of the Russian oligarch versus the Swiss art logistics specialist, Rybolovlev v.Bouvier. The legal issues at stake are the fiduciary relations, separation of duties and use of insider information. More

The Lost Mural of Bruno Schulz: A Critical Legal Perspective on Control, Access to and Ownership of Art

When a forgotten mural painted by the Jewish-Polish artist Bruno Schulz was rediscovered in 2001 a string of legal issues were unravelled. Who could rightfully claim ownership to this work of art? Was it the Holocaust museum Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, because Schulz was a Jew killed by the Nazis? Or Ukraine on whose sovereign soil it had been found? Or Poland whose citizen Schulz had been?*   More

Richard Prince and art on Instagram

This is an extract from the book “Law, Art and the Commons” (2018) by Merima Bruncevic. The book presents the new way of thinking about the art, law, cultural commons and their interconnections through the lens of the theory of the French philosopher Gilles Deleuze and the French psychoanalyst Felix Guattari. Among other things it sets and explores the concepts of lawscape, helps to regard the law broader then just a "box" and to overcome the existing, long-standing legal dichotomies (artist-user, public-private, right-heritage, etc.). This book is an experience!* More

C.Brancusi vs. United States

Starting from December 2018 every now and then Ms.Kate Zilgalve will share an overview of legal cases – from more serious to even comic ones, that have changed the way how art and its connection with law is seen in court rooms. Kate starts this topic with one of her personal favorites–C.Brancusi vs. United States, that came to court on 1927 and came to a final judgment on 1928* More

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