NFTs and Legal Challenges Ahead

Blockchain, cryptocurrency, non-fungible tokens... New technological solutions are going mainstream in different fields of our lives. What are NFTs in the art market and what legal challenges do they imply?

The challenges of provenance research and the story of Jura Landscape by Gustave Courbet

In 2017, a Zurich industrialist of Jura origin bequeathed Canton of Jura (Switzerland) an unpublished painting by the famous French painter Gustave Courbet (1819-1877). The canvas was unknown to specialists and did not appear in any catalogue raisonné. After a vast investigation, lead by a historian of art and literature, exhibition curator and a president of the Swiss Society for the Study of Gustave Courbet Mr.Niklaus Manuel Güdel, the bequeathed painting joined state collections of Jura (Switzerland). Unofficially titled Jura Landscape, the work aroused unexpected enthusiasm in the Jura region, raising geographic and historical questions. How did the work appear? When and how did it leave the artist's studio? Is the canvas authentic? The full history of the investigation, as well as a new introduction to the landscapes of Gustave Courbet in general, has been reflected in the book Une enquête sur le paysage. is honoured to have an opportunity to talk to the leading researcher of Jura Landscape, Mr.Niklaus Manuel Güdel:

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