Interview with the Art Loss Register

The Art Loss Register (ALR) is frequently the “first choice” in searching for lost, stolen and looted art, antiques and collectibles. Being the world’s largest private database, it currently lists 700,000+ items (in comparison, The Stolen Works of Art database of the Interpol lists 52,000+ items, see: Information can be added to and searched for in this database on behalf of all the interested parties (both private and public), thus helping in performing the required due diligence, ensuring safety of the transactions and securing recovery of the lost/stolen objects for the claimant. The checks for the items stolen or lost in recent decades and during the Nazi era, amount to over 450,000 per year. Besides searching, the ALR team works on recovery and repatriation cases. Moreover, the ALR is managing the Cultural Heritage At Risk Database (CHARD). This database registers objects in situ at museums, warehouses and archaeological sites, ensuring their identification if stolen and offered for sale. To deeper understand the broad range of activities the ALR performs and the importance of its work for the art market practitioners, has had its honour to discuss the work of the ALR with its director Ms.Katya Hills and the team of experts:

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