From October till December 2018 the founder of Irina Olevska made a research, regarding the legal competence, quality and availability of legal support to those who professionally or privately act in the field of art and cultural objects at their place of practice.

There were the following questions asked:

  • Name your field of practice

  • Name the period of your activities in the field.

  • Are you aware of legal regulation/requirements (the list and content) related to your field of practice?

  • How would you evaluate your level of legal competence?

  • Where do you obtain the knowledge?

  • Whether and how often do you need a legal advice? Please describe the field(-s) of such advice.

  • Are there the necessary highly-qualified specialists at your place of practice?

  • Do you know where to find the legal professional?

  • How do you get the needed information/contact?

  • How do you generally evaluate accessibility, competence, “value for money” of the legal practitioners in the field of art and cultural heritage law at the location of your practice?

  • If you use the advice of foreign lawyers, please mention the country of practice of the lawyer and explain why?


Altogether there were 56 filled questionnaires, where:

  • 44 were from Latvian representatives

  • 12 were from other countries (Belgium, USA, Canada, Japan, Austria, Spain).


Below you can find the research results summarizing the replies of Latvian representatives (Chapter I): results-eng-chapter-i.pdf

and summarizing the replies of foreign representatives (Chapter II): results-eng-chapter-ii.pdf

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