According to the information by the European Commission, as part of the EU strategy on organised crime, the Commission has adopted an action plan against trafficking in cultural goods for 2022-25, to disrupt criminal activities and protect cultural heritage.

This call for evidence for this initiative is open for feedback between 06 May 2022 - 03 June 2022: while

the consultation period among different stakeholders will be open from 20 May 2022 to 15 July 2022: 


European Commission invites all the engaged stakeholders, including:

  • EU and national-level law enforcement
  • customs authorities
  • judicial authorities
  • public administrations and institutions responsible for protecting cultural heritage (e.g. ministries of culture, national or regional administrations and international bodies)
  • museums and heritage institutions
  • sellers (including galleries, cultural and art fairs, auction houses)
  • art consultants and advisors, intermediaries, online providers
  • insurance companies
  • private purchasers and owners
  • representative groups

to share the views, arguments and underlying information and analysis to ensure in a transparent and participatory way that the Commission draws on a comprehensive stakeholder perspective regarding the relevant risks and gaps and on the related measures required at EU level.

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