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Summer season brought good news to all our community – the new book contributing to the discussion on evaluation of archaeological assets has been published. Placing a price tag to something that is of historical, cultural and scientific value is not easy. This book – ¿CUÁNTO VALEN LOS PLATOS ROTOS? TEORÍA Y PRÁCTICA DE LA VALORACIÓN DE BIENES ARQUEOLÓGICOS, edited by Ignacio Rodríguez Temiño and Ana Yáñez – is a start to find out what we know about this topic; a starting point to build a method with which the evaluations can be made orderly and systematically. Theoretical reflections in the book are mixed with the practices to offer a comprehensive vision of what we know about the valuation processes of archaeological assets.

We are glad to mention that the founder of has had a chance to contribute to this edition. 


Have a fruitful Autumn!

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