Community on the Illicit Trade in Cultural Material of the European Association of Archaeologists has just opened call for papers for Session #180 of the Annual Conference in September, 2021 in Kiel, Germany. 

Papers for the session titled "Protecting Archaeological Heritage in the Globalisation Era: Trends, Challenges, Solutions” can be submitted at by 26 February 2021 and include topics, inter alia concerning:

  • Impact of globalisation on, and strategies against illicit trafficking in cultural material;
  • Changes and challenges in looting and illicit trafficking during Covid-19;
  • How to increase public accessibility to private collections;
  • (Inter)national (online) activities against looting and trafficking;
  • Ethics of publishing illicit antiquities;
  • Scientific value and narrative of looted objects.

The full description is available here: eaa-call-for-papers-sessoion-nr180.pdf is proud to be represented in the co-organizers of the session!

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