Dear readers, colleagues, art law admirers,


We are back on track in full force and with renewed vigour. Even though we were not actively publishing during the summer, we were actively working. 

Here are the results. In mid-July Directorate-General for Education, Youth and Culture of European Commission, ECORYS and Trafficking Culture published a report: “Illicit trade in cultural goods in Europe: Characteristics, criminal justice responses and an analysis of the applicability of technologies in the combat against the trade” (please see the full report here: ).

We are happy to announce that the training co-organized by Latvian School of Public Administration, Latvian National History Museum and were placed among BEST PRACTICES of criminal justice responses (p.172 of the report) THROUGHOUT EUROPE! We take this publication as a great honour!


Hope you have a fruitful Autumn!

Stay tuned for more news and publications!




Preview image: Edgars Ļuļs and Edgar Largo, graffiti on Rigas street, Daugavpils, Latvia

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