6 months - is it a lot or a little?

6 months ago was born. From that very moment we dived into the huge and fascinating world of cultural heritage, archaeology, art, passion investing, new technological solutions for preserving our global memory and values, developing trustworthy, transparent, legal market for antique and contemporary articles.


What were our initial goals for the project’s first half year?

Here they are:

- high-quality content in the field of art law, art finance and art tech once a week;

- leading experts-contributors from Europe and the USA;

- stable number of active platform users of more than 500 people per month;

- more than 500 followers in social networks.


It seems that reality has exceeded our expectations. Here is our 6-months-review in numbers:

- 22 articles and interviews for ArtLaw, please see here:

- 15 articles and interviews for ArtFinance, please see here:

- 8 articles and interviews for ArtTech, please see here:

- contributors (partners and colleagues) from 15 countries from three continents

- 22 articles and notes for Cases, Materials, News and ArtLeisure

- accumulated around 750 followers in social networks and about stable 1000 active users monthly;

- additional Expert opinion column, please see here: 

- co-organized seminar on Cultural Heritage Protection Aspects with Latvian School of Public Administration and Latvian National History Museum.


Besides, is supported by UNESCO National Commission for Latvia,

We in the are proud of these results and continue to grow!




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