Here you will find the list of study guides and cultural heritage and art law-related monographies that we in consider the most noteworthy and insightful.

- Manual for Activities directed at Underwater Cultural Heritage (Guidelines to the Annex of the UNESCO 2001 Convention; UNESCO, 2013)

- Cultural Heritage Conventions and Other Instruments (A compendium with commentaries; Patrick J.O’Keefe, Lyndel V.Prott and the Institute of Art and Law, 2011)

- Witnesses to History: documents and writings on the return of cultural objects (UNESCO, 2009)

- Art Antiquity and Law (quaterly journal by Institute of Art and Law)

- Culture in Treaties and Agreement (UNESCO 2017)

- Art, Cultural Heritage, and the Law (Third Edition, Patty Gerstenblith)

- Art Law (Fourth Edition, Judith BresslerRalph Lerner)


Art and law-related researches and monographies:

- Law, Art and the Commons (Merima Bruncevic, 2018)

- Nemateriālais kultūras mantojums starptautiskajās un Latvijas tiesībās (Anita Vaivade, 2016)

- Peculiarities of Legal Regulation of Fine Art Prints (Irina Olevska, 2010)


You are welcome to add to this list in comments for all of us to become more intelligent and erudite.


Image used: Photo by Michael D Beckwith on Unsplash

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